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Pankaj Munjal

Rishi, man you rock. I lost 3 kgs, hope they don’t find me back, and am enjoying it. Your exercise regime is ingrained in my daily chore and a little tweaking of your diet plan did it. Thank you, and I am a fan of yours now. Best wishes. Happy Diwali

Katyani Mehra

I have been personal training and using the customised nutrition plans with Rishi Bhel for almost a month and have seen a huge difference in my strength and overall mood! He is extremely knowledgable, passionate and makes working out fun! His positive energy is contagious! The team at RBFWG is very prompt and responsive and very dedicated to their clients' needs. I can't wait to continue working with them and achieving my goals!

Sahar Parmar

Rishi has helped me tremendously in the past 3 months. What started as an unhealthy drive to become thin and just to focus on weight loss, transformed into him helping me understand my body better and work towards a healthy mind and body.

Vibhor Dogra

I'm a RBFWGs returning member. To me Rishi is the only person/brother whom I trust for nutrition, supplement and weight management related program and queries. To me he's one of the best fitness mentor/trainer. I recently lost 8 Kgs in 2 month by simply following the right diet plan and working out alternate days. Weekly meetings with Rishi helped me to stay motivated towards my fitness goal.

Priyanka Thukral

I believe losing weight was not my only goal when I started consulting Rishi ! After 2 pregnancies in a span of 3.5 years, my body had seen so many changes and I had almost forgotten what it used to be to look lean. You can loose weight by following any diet easily available but what Rishi got on the table was much more. Rishi’s guidance in this whole process has been very helpful. Moreover his friendly approach has been very comforting.

Aditya Dogra

You Nailed it RBFWG!! I am writing this review after following more than one month of Diet+Workout plan from RBFWG. I can confidently say Rishi knows his job very well. Staying fit, healthy, and muscular is his passion, which helped me a lot in the check-in calls; he is a very ethical person and always on time and patiently listens to all my queries and concerns. I have a couple of medical conditions, and Rishi was spot on. I would recommend RBFWG services to everyone.

Aradhana Gupta

It's been a month since I have been following Rishi’s diet and workout plans and I have only lost 5 kgs of weight; I also feel light and active throughout the day. There’s not a time in a day that I feel starved or fatigued.The best thing I like about Rishi is he is always available, he helps with the diets, he is always up for giving alternatives and delicious recipes.Thanks a lot Rishi for your support and guidance!

Arjun Seth

I always believed that online training would not work for me however enrolling with Rishi proved me wrong. The amount of support Rishi provides is unmatchable. His personal involvement and minute detailing with your daily diet and training cannot be compared to any other fitness professional. I have been training with him for the last 3 months and I am finally close to achieving my goals. I would highly recommend him and wish him all the luck for his future endeavors.

Kanika Manhas

Hands down to the best dietician and enthusiastic trainer! I’m a big foodie, and honestly it’s been difficult for me to lose weight. But after taking Rishi’s diet plan, my lifestyle has completely changed.. and for good! Not only has it helped me lose weight but also helped me lose inches. His diet plan is so easy to follow and effective. Would totally recommend giving him a try.

Kunal Jain

I have started working out many times before but lost interest within few days. Its the 1st time I have been working out since over a month and feel motivated enough to carry on for long- all Thanks to Rishi's online classes and the personal attention he gives. He's a great trainer and a good motivator. Thanks a ton Rishi!!

Nainprakash Sabharwal

After failing many weight loss measures, I was disheartened and started to believe that I will never be able to lose my extra weight. Then I met with Rishi and he assured me that if I follow his diet plan and simple exercises, I will be able to lose weight. I started following his diet plan and lost 10 kg in last 3 months. Rishi has thorough knowledge of diet and nutrition. He is always available to answer queries. I am still following his diet plan and I am confidently hopeful that soon I will be able to have a nice slender body.

Ashish Datta

Rishi has been very professional with his work ethics, and is very well organized. I loved that about RBFWG. At the end of 2 months, I have lost 8 kgs, with some basic movements and without any heavy cardio or weight lifting. It is higher than my 2 month goal/expectation. Rishi will show you there is a method to the madness. I strongly recommend him for nutritional and workout guidance.

Sedwin Vadukut

Living in the US it's very easy to get caught in the obesity trap. I joined Rishi's RBFWG in Feb-2021 and he provided a very open, transparent and engaging relationship. I started with a weight of 117 kgs (258 lbs) in Oct-20 and today (Mar-21) I'm at 89 kgs (196 lbs)! And all of this possible right from the comfort of my home!!! The biggest learning within just 2 months of being an ardent RBFWG fan has been that a healthy lifestyle is no different from enjoying a delicious meal. Rishi who is a well rounded fitness professional that guarantees to give you a 5-star experience!

Kavita Dhingra

Not only have I Lost weight and inches in the last 3 months , I have learnt how to keep my macros in check and make a lifestyle change to maintain this ! Rishi , is the only dietician (and nutritionist!) who teaches the logic and science behind every food and supplement. We have almost everyone at home enrolled now with him , from my husband (to loose 15 kgs wt) to my 18 year old son to gain muscle strength and muscle tone . He is a great motivator and very positive mindset which helps you go even after a cheat day or two . Thanks a ton Rishi !!

Megha Chopra

Had an absolute pleasurable experience with he came up with an exciting, holistic and easy-to-adapt HEALTH PLAN, it was indeed amazing…I have always eaten HEALTHY but the additional nutrition inputs and food combinations, by the very soft spoken and kind Rishi, helped me tremendously in achieving my health goals in such a short span. Kudos!!! Wish u all the luck !!

Ritika Modi

Rishi, has been very good and understanding. Has helped me get healthy and fit. Thank you for all the help. I have introduced Rishi, to many friends and he has helped everyone get fit. He’s always available when you have a question in mind plus on his plan your never hungry. Ritika modi

Mehak Singh

Not only have I lost weight but I have lost inches. Rishi has been very flexible with my diet and has been very understanding about workout session times. Being overseas, he's been very understanding about the time that works best for me and has made the preparation for food much easier. He has a great way of being positive and has been a great motivator in my losing weight. All in all, you couldn't go wrong in trusting and investing with Rishi. He's the best!

Reshma Kapoor

For the last 45 days I have been on Rishi's fitness program and I have lost 9.5 kgs. Yet , more than the weight loss , my gut health and energy levels have improved significantly. Rishi has tailored a meal plan based on my eating habits. He also checks your progress and makes changes through regular messages and phone calls. It has been an incredible ride. Thank you very much Rishi:)

Kunal Kapoor

I joined Rishi about 3 months ago as I had gained about 9 kilos from my ideal weight and 3 months in I've lost 7 kilos but also gained muscle and my body looks more toned as fat loss and muscle gain were my two goals I wanted to achieve. I had never really followed a nutritionist before him. Rishi made me realize that eating the right food in the right amount is key to staying fit. I learnt portion control and consuming the right amount of carbs, thanks to Rishi!

Riya Kumar

A friend recommended me to Rishi and I’m very glad I started working with him a month ago! He has been super helpful. His diet plan was flexible and he was open to making changes to workaround my lifestyle as I’m working in the US. He suggested meals which are quick to cook and ingredients that are widely available in New York. It’s been a great start and I’ve seen a difference on the scale. I’m excited to continue working with Rishi to reach my target fitness and health goals.

Ankita Sood

I joined Rishi’s Fitness and Diet plan a month back and not only has it made a difference in terms of my weight but I feel more energetic! I have always been very fit and after having my daughter I put on a lot of weight. The diet plan Rishi designed for me is fabulous! It’s tailor made to my needs. Our workouts are fun as I’m not someone who likes to be pushed and he’s understood that! Rishi is someone who understands his clients and makes them comfortable! Thank you Rishi for these amazing fun workouts and amazing diet plans 🙂

Paridhi Garg

For the last 3-4 months I was interning with RBFWG under the guidance of Rishi sir. He gave me a great platform to improve my skills and a very warm working environment. One thing that I most admired from him is his punctuality. He prepared me for my corporate life ahead. He gave me responsibilities that I may not have gotten for at least the next 4-5 years. Most importantly he trusted me with the work. He also makes sure to compliment an intern for their work. His dedication to his work is nothing short of inspiring. RBFWG is a great organization to work at.

Rajinder Ghai

I am 68 years plus having diabetes hypertension and digestive problems. I started consulting Rishi from Feb 03-2022. The diet which he has prescribed for me has had an instant and amazing effect. I have consulted the top gastro doctors in Delhi for months and they pumped only medicines which had temporary relief and bad side effects. After consulting Rishi all my digestive problems are totally under control.I strongly recommend Rishi for everyone.Thank you Rishi God bless you.

Jatin Sanan

A big thanks once again for the genuine and proper guidance by none other than my brother Rishi Bhel. Advice - As per my experience, Rishi has got proper knowledge regarding the transformation. The supplements guided by him were purely genuine with no side effects. His knowledge for the proteins/supplements is impeccable. Anyone who is looking for proper guidance, Rishi Bhel is the person you should consult. Thanks once again. A big thanks once again for the genuine and proper guidance by none other than my brother Rishi Bhel. Advice - As per my experience, Rishi has got proper knowledge regarding the transformation. The supplements guided by him were purely genuine with no side effects. His knowledge for the proteins/supplements is impeccable. Anyone who is looking for proper guidance, Rishi Bhel is the person you should consult. Thanks once again.

Alok Dayal

Losing Weight and Being Fit is the topmost concern for a lot of folks now. Same with me. I was looking for professional help for some time now and with Rishi I found the absolutely perfect person for the JOB. His methods keep it simple , healthy , tasty & Goal Orientated. I have seen immediate results of following his diet plan and other small tricks he has advised.For me it was actually very surprising to make such small changes in food habits and see these big changes.Thanks Rishi for your help and Support! Let the Fitness Journey Begin !!!!

Manan Khosla

Rishi is a thorough professional. Right from our introductory call to all our workout sessions, Rishi has delivered to what he had committed. His diet plans are amazingly effective and he lays out exactly how it needs to be followed. The diet is shared along with the recipes which are delicious and can be customized based on your eating habits. Even Though we were in a different timezone, the process of transformation was seamless and worked very well for us. The diet coupled with the workout sessions has made me see the results that I was aiming for.

Darshi Dwivedi

I have been working with RBFWG as an intern for the past 3-4 months and I am grateful to come across and work with the RBFWG team- ESPECIALLY with RISHI BHEL SIR. The work environment is friendly and welcoming. Also, the stipend was always received on time as promised. So, my overall experience with the company has been fantastic and I will definitely recommend working with RBFWG. They provide you an opportunity to work at a space which is productive and helps you grow and learn things on both educational and interpersonal levels.

Jashan Arora

I am extremely satisfied with my fitness journey with Rishi. I have always been a lean person but have had many muscular pain issues & dietary related problems in the past. When I joined Rishi, my aim was never to loose weight or gain that bulky muscular body, I have always aimed for a lean and fit body. Rishi understood my requirements and designed a plan suitable for my goals. Today, I feel energetic the entire day and I feel much stronger than before. My fat percentage has reduced and my body is just a feel good factor in all respects.

Yash Gupta

Rishi has an immense knowledge of food and working out. His diets are really flexible according to your goal and need. He also knows many tips and tricks to gain muscle which help in the long run. I would really recommend Rishi if you are serious about your fitness goals.

Salika Mamik

I had heard great things about Rishi through friends and can unequivocally say I was even more pleasantly surprised in my experience with him. Not only has Rishi come up with an amazing health plan to cater to my lifestyle but has educated me about food & vitamins in a way I didn’t know before. Always sweet and always humble, Rishi has been an absolute delight to get to know as a person and not just a nutritionist.Thank you Rishi for helping me achieve my goal in such an effortless and delicious journey.

Suhaani M Bhel

I found Rishi through family connections, and have been following his journey with fitness for a few years.Rishi has personalized every movement to ensure we make these weak muscles stronger without causing any further strain on the muscle. This is my third month of fitness workouts with Rishi, and I love them! He makes sure Friday's are the best days ensuring a weekend full of guilt free binging and feeling good about myself! I highly recommend joining his program if you're looking for weight loss, clean eating, lifestyle maintenance, overall fitness.

Priti Kalani

Struggling with pcod I was unable to loose weight for a long time. I lost about 3.5 kilos in one month with Rishi. I love the fact that Rishi is available apart from the check in calls every week. He customizes one’s meal plan according to what one eats. He motivates you and lifts you up when feeling down. I would truly recommend Rishi for anyone who wants to loose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thank You Rishi.

Nadisha Bhatia

Rishi’s customized nutrition plan worked wonders for me. I lost 5 kgs but more than the weight loss it changed the way and what I ate on a daily basis. Rishi regularly follows up and spends hours discussing your routine, medical history etc. I have a lower back problem because of which I could not exercise much, but he customized the plan accordingly as per my daily schedule. The best part about his diet is that you do not feel hungry or fatigued. His tips and guidance are part of my regular lifestyle. He also constantly follows up and motivates.

Devika Gupta

I started strength training with Rishi post recovering from COVID. Rishi, is clearly well versed in the subject and even though online he keeps a tab on all movements. Rishi is always available to answer queries or give a quick tip on nutrition when in need. Highly recommend Rishi’s training sessions.

Rita Seth

I was introduced to Rishiji by a mutual friend I have been on this plan for three months Besides losing weight I have found this plan to be very healthy He has introduced me to a nutritive way of life Very Happy with the results Thank you Rishiji

Epinder Singh

I contacted Rishi when the drs told me u are heading for a knee replacement unless u loose 15kgs I was in a bad shape could not walk had a miniscus surgery Also ,was exercising like mad for the last 20 years my weight did not shift went to the famous dietitians but nothing really much happened Then things began to change I started loosing weight /inches Without any exercise just doing 4000/5000 steps sometimes even 2000 it’s been a month an have lost almost 5kgs but tremendous inch loss I could not believe that just by walking in the house I could loose weight Thanku Rishi This is going to be my life style now.

Kavita Godhwani

Two month ago I started exercising with Rishi as my trainer.Not having exercise for long time I was apprehensive but when I connected with Rishi and got know about his custom diet plan and workout I knew he was the perfect coach for me.He is professional yet kind, patient and understanding.I am satisfied with my development after two months and confident that with his continuing training and encouragement, I will continue to achieve my objective.

Harneesh Arora

I am 60+ woman and to have a goal of reducing considerable weight must come with excellent guidance. I feel lucky to be referred to Rishi, as he has been a perfect companion in this journey !I am down 6 kgs in 45 days and I feel 10 years younger in terms of my energy !

Muskan Vig

Great Experince with Rishi! He is always available and to the point and helps you through out the Diet plan! I lost so much weight with him in a month and I have subscribed for another month for a health plan! Really recommend him

Nisha Kapoor

RBFWG is a well reputed organisation. They treat their customers like god and also good with their employees. I did internship with this organisation, it has a great work environment. Its founder Mr Rishi Bhel is a dedicated and hardworking person. I learnt soo many things from him and had an amazing experience working in RBFWG.

Manjit Singh

I started the programme with a weight of 114.6 kgs and in 48 days i have lost 9kgs. This has been possible because of the guidance of Rishi and his immaculate diet planning !

Ishaan Gupta

Rishi is an excellent trainer - keeps you motivated - and understands your requirements very perosnally even in large classes. Has the ability to run excellent PT over Video Conferences as well!

Shweta Gunwani

My journey with Rishi has been amazing.I never knew I can see changes in my every single day with every single bit of effort I put.There were things which I ignored assuming they make no change but Rishi mentored me to help analyze them by myself and figure the diffrence.Best part is he doesn’t spoon feed but trains you in a way where you gradually learn to live and eat balanced which is the key to a healthier you.I am still looking forward to achieve my best version and Rishi stands strong as a big motivation.He never shies away from giving numerous alternates if one thing doesn’t work.Thank you friend!

Jai Singhania

I've had a great experience with Rishi. He takes his time with you to understand your needs and creates a plan specially for you. | got a nutrition and exercise plan for mass gaining from him and have seen great results in the second month itself. Before | started with him, I've been circling around 50 KGs and now I'm 55 KGs of full muscle mass. My clothes fit better and my family can also see a huge difference. | would highly recommend Rishi to everyone.

Amit Sharma

Recently, I enrolled in a 30 days diet plan with Rishi Bhel. I strictly followed the plan and it has worked miraculously on me. I lost 6 kilograms in a short span of one month; 88 kgs to 82 kgs. Rishi did a great job for understanding the way I work and providing insightful comments for ways of rethinking food, preparation & planning. Thanks Rishi bro for all your support & guidance. I am looking forward to continuing this to achieve the next level. I strongly recommend Rishi Bhel's fitness program. 👍


I had seen reviews and certain recommendations but to me this guy was a life changer for health! How? I was trying to loose weight for 6-7 years and was not able to be successful in sustaining but knowing rishi for years, he helped me with complete lifestyle changes from eating to breathing to exercises. I am in a much happier space in my life with a healthy mind & body combination. Even if I gain weight again, the methodologies and learnings help me be self sufficient to loose weight again. Stats - 105 KGs to 87 Kgs and drastic improvement in fat percentage. Thanks a lot once again 🙂

Nidhi Chhabra

Amazing workout sessions and very exciting. Helped me a lot and also saw a drastic change in myself .

Anshul Rakheja

My journey with Rishi has been amazing. He is really a good motivator when it comes to fitness and his knowledge towards fitness is commendable.There were things which I ignored assuming they make no change but Rishi mentored me in a good way explaining each and everything properly.

Zulfaqaar Umair

Had the privilege of making the acquaintance of Mr. Rishi Bhel when I was 14, burning with the desire to be He-Man. Mr. Bhel’s selfless and innovative guidance was a boon to a tendered aged skinny boy with the desire to be a legit man of strength. With his wisdom and steadfast devotion to fitness, he genuinely guarded me from a world of dangerously unsound advices and helped me achieve, in the safest and most natural manner, the body and strength that I always desired.He has the determination, the intellect and the integrity to meticulously study and engineer the synthesis of the human body, mind and spirit to it’s true potential.

Aditya Ghai

Rishi is a thorough professional. He knows how to alter the diet to the clients likes, dislikes, and medical conditions. Rishis guidance is also very medically sound. He is one of the best-hands down

Chetna Sawhney

The diet has been really effective. I have lost 4kgs in 4 weeks. Rishi gives a diet with a lot of variety, high on nutrition and keeps u quite full through the day. I also find the diet works great with a moderate exercise regime.

Surya Uday

Rishi's customised nutrition and work out plans are highly recommend. He takes alot of pain and spends alot of time in making a plan based on your needs taking various parameters into consideration including but not limited to fitness levels, life style, weight loss and muscle definition. His knowledge on nutrition is truly commendable. I strongly recommend his customised nutrition and exercise plans for all who want to become the version of themselves!

Bhuvanesh Goyal

We have started group workout with rishi. It really felt amazing and energetic just after attending only 8 sessions. He knows how to balance between cardio, weight training and strength gaining.

Gaurang Kapur

Started with Rishi 2 months back and the results have been just great. For a foodie i have seen an amazing change in myself...he has immense knowledge , patience and above all is great to work with. Make sure you follow him to the T and you will see the results on your own.

Sonali Kapur

Had the privilege of making the acquaintance of Mr. Rishi Bhel when I was 14, burning with the desire to be He-Man, a title a very lovely girl endearingly gave me at 17. To have had Mr. Bhel’s selfless and innovative guidance was a boon to a tendered aged skinny boy with the desire to be a legit man of strength.

Aadyaa Singhania

Rishi was great!! His plans were well organised, personalised and flexible. He was very responsive with any questions I had through out the programme. I really appreciated the fact that he explained the reasoning behind certain suggestions he gave as it allowed me to implement that into my lifestyle, rather than just as part of the programme.

Ruchi Pradal

I found Rishi through family connections, and have been following his journey with fitness for a few years.Rishi has personalized every movement to ensure we make these weak muscles stronger without causing any further strain on the muscle. This is my third month of fitness workouts with Rishi, and I love them! He makes sure Friday's are the best days ensuring a weekend full of guilt free binging and feeling good about myself! I highly recommend joining his program if you're looking for weight loss, clean eating, lifestyle maintenance, overall fitness. Achieving Good Results.

Isha G Chandra

I have known Rishi for sometime now and have not seen a more genuinely passionate fitness believer. He has in- depth knowledge of fitness routines which he has tried and tested through years and he'll share his best tips if you seek guidance. more importantly, he's a great human being and you'd love learning anything in his company.

Rajat Raina

Rishi has indepth and most up to date knowledge about fitness.| have followed his nutrition and workout plans for last 6 month and have seen a tremendous change in my physique and results. i have been working out for good 15 years and as of today. | only rely on Rishi for any fitness recommendations where most others provide very generic and outdated tips.

Ria Kukreja

I have been a gym enthusiast and up to date with nutritional/calorie needs of my body since really long. I decided to join rishi when my post pregnancy weight got stuck, even after following a calorie deficit diet along with regular workouts. I was convinced that it would take me really long to reach my target weight (wanted to loose 8kgs). But it was beyond belief what I lost 7 Kgs in just 8 weeks of following Rishi’s nutritional plan. He is truly compassionate about his work and his dedication shows specially when he gets into the details of each and every meal he plans and has an explanation for every macro of the nutrient he prescribes. Thank you rishi bhaiya - you have helped me find “the right balance” of enjoying my life without feeling deprived of food.

Ashwin Agarwal

I have been trying to lose some weight for sometime now . working out on my own and following a diet but results were patchy. Spoke to Rishi. Super guy ! Such a good person at heart ! And very knowledgeable when it comes to training and fitness. Heard me out and gave me a diet plan which I followed and is currently doing wonders to my body and my mind since I have been quite disciplined and very very motivated . Workout now is fun. Diet plan is as per one’s need and fulfills a whim here or there . Been seeing great results . Rishi is punctual , always so easy to talk to . And I would recommend him to all those who want to invest in their health and want to keep standing up on their own in last leg of their lives .

Rridhee Rakheja

I joined Rishi nearly a month back and enrolled for his diet and workout plan. Being a fitness freak , I myself had a lot of knowledge regarding food and workout but still was not able to attain the desired goal .With Rishi not only have I been able to achieve my goal in a short span but also improved my skin. His diet is totally out of the kitchen and according to your taste. The custom workout plan is with full intensity and motivation. His workouts are distressing, with a lot of fun. Thank you.

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